Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wow! Is it Thanksgiving already? I can't believe that November is almost over. I don't have much time to catch up but things are going well. I'd love to sit here an do a nice long blog about everything that has been going on over the last month but it isn't going to happen yet.

We've moved in to our new apartment, finished the closing on the house and set in to "normal" routines. As with most people with families, we're constantly rushing. The kids are doing well, they have their expected ups and downs. Jon and I are both busy with work. It is budget season. There is a never-ending stream of meetings, deadlines and late nights.

I will stop promising to post pictures because all I seem to do is break promises. I will try to find some free time in this wonderful long weekend and sit on my butt doing stuff I enjoy!

Speaking of the long weekend, I have off the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah!!! Unfortunately Jon has to work... Booo... We're heading to Albany tomorrow to spend the day with my mom's side of my family. I'm looking forward to the day. Aidan and Amanda have been talking about their cousin Emma for weeks now and they'll finally get a chance to spend the day with her!

I'm going to keep this brief. Happy Thanksgiving!!!