Friday, April 10, 2009

I know, I know...

Yup, been a long time... Life with twins is never easy. It can be fun, it can be stressful, it can be incredibly entertaining but it is never easy. Aidan and Amanda are wonderful. I haven't written in a while because life chugs along and there is always something that feels more important than relaxing with my thoughts. I'm sure there is something more important that I should be doing right now (like working) but I decided to take a break anyway.

This has been a hectic week. I had a few important deadlines at work. Jon has been putting in some extra hours. The kids are oblivious to our stress which is an absolute blessing. The most unusual event for them this week was Jon picking them up from school on Tuesday instead of me. I had a 5:00 meeting which didn't end until 6:30 so Jon picked them up. Aidan was upset but he got over it quickly. Aidan is going through a weird clingy phase but more about that later. Wednesday was the Passover Sedar at my Aunt Donna's house. We had a nice time visiting but it made for a late night. We didn't get the kids in bed until 10:30!!! It wouldn't have been a big deal if I didn't have to wake them up at 6:00 for school on Thursday morning. Today, they are with Grandma since their preschool is closed for Good Friday. I understand the religious significance of Good Friday but do they really need to close the preschool for the occasion? I'm incredibly fortunate that my mom and my sister can help me out but it doesn't seem fair that they close the entire school today. Ugh...

We're about to begin a whirlwind weekend. We decided a few months ago it would be wonderful to go visit my cousin Annie in Virginia for Easter. Now, Easter is upon us and it seems like it came up too quickly. I had such wonderful plans leading up to this weekend. First, we were going to color eggs. Did that happen? Nope... I even bought the color kit a few weeks ago. Then the days turned in to weeks and the next thing I realized, we didn't have time to fit it in. Oh well, I did have the best of intentions. We can always use the kit next year, if I can store it and not forget it. Even this week is getting away from me. Every minute is completely booked. Last Friday I made a list of things that had to occur before our trip. Jon needs a haircut. Our car needs to get registered in NY. Kids need something nice to wear for Easter. I want a pedicure. Bills need to be paid. House needs cleaning. Laundry is piling up. We need to pack. Ugh. I guess I like ending frustrating rants with "ugh"

Back to Aidan's clingy-ness. He has been experiencing a recurrence of separation anxiety lately. Most goodbyes end in tears. He sobs "I'm going to miss you Mommy" every single time. It is getting better but there have been a few complete meltdowns. It doesn't matter who he is staying with, if I'm leaving, he'll meltdown. The first time was at Aunt Taryn's house on a bowling night. Jon and I were leaving to go bowling and Aidan started crying. I gave him a big hug and kiss and I thought he would calm down after a few minutes. Nope, Taryn called me about 30 minutes later and he was still inconsolable. He did finally calm down but not before he wet his pants while screaming so much. He has done this at Grandma's house, school, Aunt Taryn's house and in the car. Occasionally he'll miss Daddy or Grandma and cry for them too but most of the time it is for me. He is a great little boy but geesh, he can be very emotional. Amanda on the other hand is so laid back that she doesn't care what is going on around her. Their personalities are so different!

Oh well, I'm going to get back to work. I wanted to write a quick update since I haven't had a chance. I hope things calm down soon. I'm not going to hold my breath since I do have 3-year-old twins!